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96 Sandfield Road






TEL: 0115 9268800

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Product Rationale

In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy. I cast small items in Tin (Pewter) for strength and larger items in high quality Lead/Tin alloys. Some very large models are produced in Resin. The choice of scale is important as the size of models can restrict the type of game played, I have selected to produce in scales where the item can be used for the largest battles of the period, and still be recognised as an individual design mark or variant. The text below explains the ranges produced.

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Convention dates

Convention dates booked and confirmed.

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Special Offers Promotions

SALUTE 2013: 10% discount off Tumbling Dice products for orders made for collection at ‘Salute’ ExCel London on 20th April 2013.

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Painting guide and Support

Painting and presentation of models or figurines is all part of this hobby, though working on smaller scales can pose its problems

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