Product Rationale

In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy. I cast small items in Tin (Pewter) for strength and larger items in high quality Lead/Tin alloys. Some very large models are produced in Resin.    The choice of scale is important as the size of models can restrict the type of game played, I have selected to produce in scales where the item can be used for the largest battles of the period, and still be recognised as an individual design mark or variant. The text below explains the ranges produced.

1/2400 Scale Naval. ‘AGE OF SAIL & STEAM’

Ships from Ancient times up to the end of the age of sail were rarely over 200 ft long (25 mm in 1/2400 Scale). It is only in the Victorian period warships of 400 ft became the norm. Gunnery ranges in the age of sail were less than one mile (660 mm to scale) and up to the 1880s were less than three miles. 1/2400 gives the gamer the space to play most any historical battle on a 8 ft x 6 ft table while providing models that can be used for an individual or skirmish type game . The models are cast in Pewter, and the larger ships have the rigging cast supporting the masts for strength, the sails are separate to allow for scenario options, most models are supplied with a separate scenic sea base. Flags for most nations are available along with discounted starter sets for each period.


This range of Napoleonic ships was designed to produce single piece castings to replace counters in board games mainly played on hex mats. Even the largest model will fit in a 30 mm hex tray. They would also work for gamers restricted in space or by using magnets as a travel game. A Trafalgar Battle Pack is available with enough ships for both sides.

1/600 Scale ‘VAPOUR TRAILS’

Aircraft, naval, and land items. This extensive range covers aircraft from the first aces up to and into the near future. Each mark and variant of an aircraft is recognisable yet games of 100 or more are practical in terms of cost and space required. 1/600 (3 mm to 6 ft) is also a scale that works well with naval coastal games and land scenarios. A series of discount starter sets and simple pick up and play rules are listed. Aircraft are sold individually in packs of 1 to 6 items according to size and except for a few items in resin are cast in Pewter. Decals are available for most nationalities and periods.

1/72 Scale (25 mm) HISTORICAL RANGES.

Designed to be compatible with plastic figurines and scenery, the ranges offer metal models at a practical cost for gamers to reproduce armies, while still providing detailed figurines & models for skirmish games. Items of riders or foot are sold in packs of 8 with at least 4 or up to 8 different designs per pack. Each pack may have shields or weapon options included and some have choices for equipment or head variants. Horses are sold in packs of 4 for the same price again there are 4 or more poses available. Army packs at discount are listed these contain the equivalent of 120 foot figures at the cost of only 100, many do contain the larger command packs and therefore total more than the 120 equivalent minimum. Foot and riders are cast in Pewter, horses in Lead/tin alloy.

1/76 Scale (20 mm) OLD CONTEMPTIBLES WW 1 and  BLITZ KREIG WW 2.

These are ranges designed to be used with 1/76 scale plastic or metal vehicles. Smaller than 1/72 scale they can make up large units with artillery, tanks and transport, aircraft and railway gauge scenery readily available cheaply in plastic. Items on foot are again sold in packs of 8 or the equivalent horses in packs of 4, support weapons are listed for many armies. Foot and riders are cast in Pewter and Horses in Lead/Tin alloy

1/48 Scale (37 mm)

This range of WW 2  figures is aimed clearly at platoon level skirmish games. Many plastic kits and metal models are produced in this scale to back up the infantry and scenery is easily made.  The range offers complete figures or multipart options for modellers wishing to populate armoured vehicles or transport vehicles. Equipment back packs, loose weapons and other kit can be used to individualise characters. Items are cast in Pewter or Lead alloy according to size. Packs are based around 4 figures to a pack.





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